Technical Difficulties

Like a normal tech podcast, but broken.

Technical Difficulties is a weekly podcast exploring the often perplexing and broken world of technology, design, and related disciplines, hosted by Gabe Weatherhead and Erik Hess. Rising from the ashes of their previous show Generational, it will likely prove as perplexing and broken as the topics they discuss.

Gabe Weatherhead


Gabe writes about the fringes of the Apple world over at He's also a reformed scientist working as a project manager and systems engineer.

Erik Hess


Erik is a designer, developer and recovering fighter pilot. He's co-founder of high90 and occasionally writes at The Mindful Bit.


Co-Host, Producer

Potatowire is a mythical creature who helps Gabe and Erik with show notes. Shrouded in mystery, nobody knows exactly who or what a Potatowire actually is, though we're pretty sure it's not the charming baby in the picture. But if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire Potatowire.

Bob VanderClay

Co-Host, Audio Producer

Bob VanderClay has been developing web applications professionally for over 15 years.

About the Site

Erik built this website using Statamic, an outstanding hybrid static/dynamic CMS that gets better every day. Check it out.

The backdrop is A Storm on a Mediterranean Coast, painted by Claude-Joseph Vernet in 1767. The painting on the 404 page depicts the wreck of the SS Austria in 1858. The artist is unknown.