Technical Difficulties

Every walled garden has a gate.

October 31st, 2014

This is not an anti-anything site. This is a site run by people who are frustrated by the things that used to excite us. We don't trust any company to have our best interests in mind, and we don't want to swim upstream anymore. We are pursuing independence instead.

What does independence mean? It means that we should be able to change platforms and devices without having rebuild entire workflows. We should be able to work in an internet cafe on the other side of the globe using a spotty connection, even after all of our own batteries have run dry.

It’s OK to be multiplatform in a world of Googlers, Apple zealots, and Microsofties. Every day we use Apple iPads, Android Nexuses, Microsoft Surfaces, Google Chromebooks, and Ubuntu servers, and we want to show you how they all work together. We will provide opinions, reviews, recommendations, and tutorials in eclectic proportion, and together we’ll see what sticks.

This podcast and its associated articles aim to be platform-agnostic in a world of the brand-faithful. This may be tech heresy, but we’re fine with that. Spend some time with us and see what you think. Give us feedback. We’ll listen with an open mind, because that’s the whole point.

Watch this space. Challenge your assumptions.