Technical Difficulties

Like a normal tech podcast, but broken.

Gabe and Erik return from hiatus, like an angry caterpillar emerging from a cocoon... with wings and stuff.

Welcome to our new podcast and our new site. We’re thrilled you’ve joined us, and frankly we weren’t sure this was ever going to actually happen.

Now that we’re here, we want to tell you what this show is all about. Generational was a fantastic experience, but we wanted to tear it down and make something totally new and unique. We wanted to get to the core of Generational, which has always been about trying to understand things that are complex. That’s where Technical Difficulties comes in.

Technology is hard. Our devices are often frustratingly broken for us or our loved ones. And yet we’re all compelled by necessity or passion to live in this frustrating world of tech and muddle through as best we can. While we can’t always fix these broken bits of our lives, we can often make things better.

With short, focused looks at specific problem areas, we hope to help you help yourself and other people when things go wrong. We also want to keep what was great about Generational: experts talking about their joys and frustrations.

Each month you can expect a few 20-30 minute episodes of Erik and Gabe trying to solve a problem. Once a month we’ll get some insight from an expert about a broader topic. One feed, two show formats.

Each episode will come with show notes. But we want to take the best of blogging and the best of podcasts and see what we can do that is new and interesting. We want to welcome @potatowire as our new producer. There are big plans for our show notes, and he’s been hard at work behind the scenes making them distinctive, detailed and useful.

We’re already grateful for Potatowire’s unique perspective. As he puts it:

The show is not about admiring the problem, but is instead about pursuing the solution.

Thanks for listening, expect the first “real” episode soon, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of our solutions.


Gabe Weatherhead, Erik Hess